Recurring Billing for Freelancers & Small Businesses

Being a freelancer I have to deal with a lot of recurring costs for my clients such as web server rentals, domain management, and monthly maintenence fees. Up until recently I've been sending out a new invoice every time a service was up for renewal. It was a tedious process and took too much of my time, not to mention if I got really busy with other work I'd get behind in sending them and potentially lose out on some income. It was also pretty annoying for clients as they'd have to manually pay me every month/year too.

There are plenty of services out there that can do automated billing. Unfortunately, I use Harvest for my bookkeeping. Although it's usually pretty awesome, the developers are not planning on supporting automatically charging client credit cards. They will generate invoices and send them automatically, but not actually charge them.

That's okay. I figured there would probably be some other service I could leverage to do that without much work. Unfortunately, all the subscription billing services I found are incredibly over-engineered and/or expensive. I've been using Stripe a lot in the web applications I've been developing for my clients (which is amazing, by the way) and all I really needed was a simple app with a hosted checkout form that uses Stripe subscriptions.

Since nothing like that existed I decided to take it upon myself to build it, so I spent several weeks working on it and I now present to you: is a web application that makes it easy to automatically charge your clients for recurring invoices and subscriptions. Simply create an account, authenticate with Stripe, and create and send invoices. It works on every platform.

To get paid all you have to do is share the link with your client (via email, text message, smoke signals, or anything). They'll see a form like this one with a personalized URL, your company name, and all the other invoice details. Once they pay for it they will br automatically charged every time the invoice comes up for renewal. If your client wants to cancel their subscription they can do so easily from the same place, too.

The administrator dashboard makes it easy to create invoices, plans, and clients, as well as show you any payments when they come in. If you have already set up plans on your Stripe account you can just press one button to import them into Recharge. Plans can currently only be set up monthly or yearly (I'll be adding custom renewal dates in the future).

Since uses Stripe you can take advantage of all of Stripes features like smart dunning, automatic email receipts, and more. And you'll never have to worry about security either since Stripe handles all the payments.

I think I've built a pretty great service for freelancers and small businesses to use, and the best part is there is no monthly fee. All the features are available with no limitation. only costs a small percentage of your invoice when you get paid. This makes it very cost-effective for freelancers and small business owners who have only a handful of recurring invoices, while using another service would be overkill and the monthly fees would drain your income to nothing.

Anyways, I originally built the application to use for myself, but I think others might be able to benefit from it too. So that's why I've spent time polishing it up and releasing it. It will never be able to compete with the huge subscription billing platforms, but I think it fits into a nice niche of people in a similar situation as myself (and therefore probably you, too!). I've been using it with my clients for a while now and it's been really quick and easy, and my clients have had no problems using it either. I hope you can all find it a useful service as well.

Thanks for reading.

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